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Gathering in Silence

Sit with us in silence 
A timeless, eternal technique fostering inner peace

All over the world people sit in silent meditation.  There is a power in the Silence that touches our spirit.  This peaceful experience is amplified when two or more join together with a common purpose ~ even at a distance.  Meditate with a group in the privacy of your home, office, hotel room or wherever you are!  Use your intention to connect with others sitting simultaneously in silent meditation.  You are invited to join our Global Spiritual Community sitting quietly together in peace. 

Below are some opportunities to join us in Gathering in Silence.  You can choose one of these times or you can sit quietly at any time with the intention of joining others who are doing the same.  Either way you will be connecting with others and the benefits will be amplified.  

We are Gathering in Silence...

Daily ~ Joy, Harmony, Balance
8:00 am PST, USA   (Convert Time)
(or 8:00 am your local time)

Daily ~ Refresh & Recharge
3:00 pm PST, USA  (Convert Time)
(or 3:00 pm your local time)

Daily ~ Peace, Calm, Tranquility
7:30 pm PST, USA  (Convert Time)
(or 7:30 pm your local time)

Meditation Events ~ Check here and join us in
Gathering in Silence

Join our global spiritual community 
in silent meditation from wherever 
you are for as long as you can!  

You choose when:

  • Same time your local time; or

  • Or join us in spirit as you are able, whenever you can.

Whatever time you choose, wherever you are, others will be sitting in silence with you and together we create a community of peace. 

Invite friends to join!
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When you give your attention to anything, the Universe responds to it. When two of you are giving your attention to it, and there is no contradiction, it is a powerful vortex. That's why a gathering such as this can achieve a great deal as you come together in greater and greater harmony and take thought beyond that which it has been before. 
---Abraham Hicks